WOW Enterprise

Want to connect your business to another business or your business to your customers? This is the most powerful and versatile WOW development engine allowing users to connect suppliers, vendors, customers, employees, and managers to iSeries data securely. Any type of application can be built...e-commerce, employee management...what do you want to build?

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WOW Enterprise Edition Includes

  • All features of Professional Edition
  • Scheduled operations-ie execute report to staff each day
  • High level security-allow specification with OS user profile to run application
  • Allow automatic enforcement of required internal IP address
  • Ability to secure operations
  • Ability to assign authority to specific fields
  • Data updates, deletes, inserts, adds
  • Data copying
  • Auto-populate records
  • Auto increment field values
  • Concurrent updates
  • Status change requests
  • Merge data into pre-built MS Excel
  • Intelligent field behavior
  • Customer user interface
  • Custom data pages
  • Custom logic
  • Integration with Eclipse and WebSphere Studio

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Experience the fastest web developement tool on Earth.

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