• PlanetJ's webinar on WOW was one of the best presentations and demo's I've seen from an iSeries Tools partner

  • I'm not in the website building business, but I'm pretty sure that six weeks is pretty stinkin' fast…we saved a lot of money on Chops.

  • We had great communication and service from PlanetJ and would recommend them to any others who might be thinking of going online with their website and/or products.

  • One of the benefits we did not anticipate was the ability to continue to enhance and add functionality to the system. Enhancements are usually designed, developed, tested, and implemented in one day.

  • We are pleased to have partnered with PlanetJ in this effort and selected WOW because of the strength of its framework, and the ability for rapid development

  • With our business relationship with PlanetJ, we have been able to provide a suite of applications to our clients in a very short time frame with added functionality over an existing product line. The WOW framework has allowed us to focus on the business problems and not with technology problems. This will equate into higher product quality, faster time to market, and overall application satisfaction for our customers.
    The service we receive is highly productive to us in both quality and timeliness. The technical expertise that is given to us is invaluable. We currently have several projects in the works with PlanetJ and envision more over the next few years.
    We have and will continue to recommend PlanetJ product and services to our clients and to the iSeries technical community at large.

  • Paige's plans to enable many more applications to customers, associates and partners using WOW. The technology is state-of-the-art and the PlanetJ people are a joy to work with!

  • I certainly see how you've won the IBM awards. I see this product giving us development power like I've never seen before in my 30 years in this profession.

  • …just WOW, it [WOW] is cool, easy-to-use, quick, and you can do a lot with it.

  • My experience with developing in WOW has been great. And believe me I have had several other applications in the last year to develop using other software and there is no comparison - WOW is much better. I have also gotten into iSeries Access for Web and like WOW better.

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