WOW Mobile Server Add-on

WOW Add-On Products can be plugged into WOW CE to seamlessly add rich features to really WOW your end users, co-workers and managers. With these products, reports can be graphed and charted, application users can be tracked, and multiple systems can be joined together. Details on all these products can be found here!

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WOW Mobile Server Add-On Features

  • Dial phone automatically from a contact within a DB
  • Use mobile device camera to take and upload pictures directly to a DB
  • Record and upload video
  • Utilize Google maps for mapping and directions
  • Leverage GPS (Geolocation)
  • Integrate with device contacts
  • Send/receive auto notifications
  • Data updates, deletes, inserts, adds
  • Data copying
  • Auto-populate records
  • Customer user interface
  • Use all of the pre-built WOW features to speed development

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