WOW Community Edition (FREE!)

WOW CE provides a free powerful product to build state of the art web applications. Data "reports" can be created from any database such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL SERVER, IBM i DB2, Pervasive, Access, and others. Instantly convert your data into Microsoft Excel. Create powerful "drill downs" in minutes with no coding required. WOW CE is easily integrated into your environment. WOW CE can run on any Windows or Linux machine.

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Explore the possiblilties of WOW Add-ons

WOW Add-On Products can be plugged into WOW CE to seamlessly add rich features to really WOW your end users, co-workers and managers. With these products, reports can be graphed and charted, application users can be tracked, and multiple systems can be joined together. Details on all these products can be found here!

WOW Community Edition Includes

  • Access to any relational database in real time
  • Dynamic prompting for user selections
  • Automatic generation of drop down lists
  • Single click downloads to MS Excel
  • Web 2.0 AJAX support
  • No manual coding required

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