Advanced Features of Web Object Wizard 7.0

Cost: $1000 per student

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  • 16 Hours of WOW Training Offered On-Line For All of Your Staff with practice labs
  • Learn to Develop Web Applications with WOW
Course Content
  • Create custom validation at insert, update, and delete time
  • Create custom functionality at insert, update, and delete time
  • Create a custom look and feel (theme)
  • Create custom pages (JSPs)
  • Dynamically control the edit, delete, and association features
  • Deploy custom code to the application server
Student Prerequisites
  • Introduction to WOW
  • SQL
  • Familiarity with Java and JSPs
  • Internet based training
  • Learn WOW in your work environment
  • No travel expenses
  • Low work disruption
  • Expert Instructor


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WOW CE provides a free powerful product to build state of the art web applications.

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What Can You Do With WOW?

  • Data Inquiry
  • Data Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards/Graphics
  • Customer Self Service
  • Business to Business
  • Government Data Solutions
  • Many other types of applications