WOW File Serving (WFS) is a separately licensed fee-based add on to the Web Object Wizard (WOW). WFS will provide the user the ability to access (download) documents or any other type of file.

Enterprise Security: By combining files with a data driven WOW application, files can be secured to authorized users
Access to any type of file such as PDF, Images, Documents, etc.
Serve files from the IBM I5 IFS
Works with Web browser plug-in applications to automatically launch "helper" applications
Functional with Internet Explorer and FireFox
Allow customers to access PDFs of their statements
Access secure contracts documents
Enable customers to access invoices and images
Data driven and self service enabled
Serve files from Windows folders

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WOW CE provides a free powerful product to build state of the art web applications.

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What Can You Do With WOW?

  • Data Inquiry
  • Data Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards/Graphics
  • Customer Self Service
  • Business to Business
  • Government Data Solutions
  • Many other types of applications