Release Notes

WOW 7.5 Additions

  • Added the ability to default an SQL prompt parameter default value to a specific possible value in the dropdown.  As an example, ?{*PV_ITEM=0} would default the parameter the the first item in the PV list
  • Added logic to replace HTML elements with spaces when rendering a field for search or details
  • Added Object getActionProperty(String) method to IActionProperties class to allow generic retrieval of action property
  • Added additional conversion methods to ConvertUtility class which allow users to convert values to specific types, convert an object to an SQL String and convert a list to an SQL String
  • Added error messages to DataUtils class to check for replaced connection
  • Added logic to DataUtils for replacing connections when specific error messages occur attempting to use current connections
  • Added a new TextArea Formatter which puts text area input into tag <pre>...<pre>, so new lines are not lost on field display
  • Added the ability to invalidate the session on application logout
  • Added the ability to have a Field with two Possible Values operations via the DualPVField subclass
  • Added more RowCollection and Row utilities methods in DataEngine
  • Added Java generic subtypes into Application class (i.e. List<String>)
  • Added ability to send SMS messages via email.
  • Added support for AJAX refresh and AJAX sorting in RowCollections
  • Added a new field class, ConditionallyRequiredField, which makes a certain field required based on the value of another field
  • Added information about alias to DataEngine class in case of SQLException


  • Change to allow WOW to reduce the number of open connections in a connection pool to the minimum
  • Changed UserDefinedHTMLDisplayComponents to not use external help text for rendering UserDefinedHTMLDisplayComponent components
  • Changed exception message, adding more details when an Excel file cannot be created due to cell contents longer than 32767 characters
  • Changes to jQuery Lightbox .css replacing absolute position to allow download of image if set up in Lightbox
  • Modify error handling to check for custom error JSP in various default WOW JSPs
  • Changed logic to add host server IP address to Application error notification alerts
  • Changed logic for extracting user/pass from request parameters to ensure request input values are not overridden by global values in the request
  • Deprecate MagicRowSelector functionality, Row selected related actions are handled by the action framework now
  • Modify parsing of JDBC connection string host parameter and database name attribute for jTDS connections, previous logic was assuming attributes were in a specific order
  • Destroy Cache Control Group service on application shut down
  • Changed getFieldValue methods to simplify value retrieval and prevent errors
  • Changed LoggingEvent to be an interface to allow custom implementations
  • Changes to RowCollection.update to throw NoAlertExceptions for validation errors instead of CMException to prevent error notification emails from occurring
  • Change to allow multiple default values for parameters on “IN” statements
  • Change to initialization parameters to secure / remove the listing of init params during an initialization error
  • Change to placeholder PropertyRuleCollection class and implementation of new PropertyRuleCollection as well as a fix for many error messages and updates to PropertyRule constructors and clone methods
  • Changes to Single Sign On implementation including removal of the login information from the URL links to other applications and removal of all Single Sign On information from the URL
  • Changed logic to add connection alias info to throw clause in various exceptions in DataUtils
  • Changes to ParameterCollection class. Refactored method getDisplayParameters() to getDisplayParameterIterator(), added error logging when initializing Display Fields
  • Changed the menu initialization map to hold PropertyGroup names and not class types
  • Updated the AutoLogin implementation, removed requirement for Google API
  • Change to Row, logic added to Row.populate that will attempt to read a value from the result set as a DATE when developers may have mistakenly defined a column on a FieldDescriptor as a TIMESTAMP.
  • Changes to replace sun.misc.* classes with apache Base64 classes
  • Added logic to TimestampField.isValueEqual to check if given value is NULL before comparing with Field value
  • Changed license info serialization, switched to use JSON, instead of Java Object serialization
  • Changed logic to ensure any custom SignOn classes extends ISignOn class in Application class
  • Changed internal code to pass an additional "source" argument to the PropertyGroupReader
  • Change to how property groups are read, gives more descriptive error message, changed how the properties section end is determined by allowing escaped '{' and '}' characters

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