ConEdison Inspection Management System

For more than 180 years, Con Edison has been supplying the energy that powers New York. Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEdison), a regulated utility, provides electric service in New York City and most of Westchester County. The company also provides natural gas service in Manhattan, the Bronx, and parts of Queens and Westchester. Con Edison owns and operates the world’s largest district steam system, providing steam service in most of Manhattan.


The Challenge

ConEdison needed a way for city inspectors to record site inspection and manage their equipment.  Since many sites would not have Internet access, the system needed a way to synch information to the DB when access became available.  This application also needed to include the ability to search invoices and create reports using HTML or PDF formats, to allow vendors the ability to search and pay invoices.  To accomplish the latter task, the use of a current tax table was needed to determine the tax rate for the invoices, reverting back to the old tax rates for older invoices.



Using WOW 7.0 Enterprise Edition software, PlanetJ developers created a modern system for ConEdison inspectors to travel to inspection sites, enter data in to their application using Panasonic Toughbook tablets and synch with the database when Internet access became available. The main Inspections System Features include:

1) Search available inspections by multiple fields including: Barcode, Invoice Number, Owner, Location and/or Complete Date.

2) Search available Equipment via Equipment Multi-Search and Equipment Multi-Search – BR Only. These operations both search equipment, but the BR Only operation only searches equipment that is beyond repair (BR), while the other Equipment Multi-Search gets equipment that is NOT beyond repair. These searches can be filtered by multiple fields as well using Owner, Location, Invoice Number, Barcode, Type and Brand.

3) Location maintenance sorted by Vendor and conEdison owners.  Also new locations can be added or View, Edit, Copy or Delete a location.


The system also allows menu items for dealing with the creation and processing of invoices and other reports. Users can also:

1) Search and Print Invoices (either single or multiple reports)

2) Process inspection reports into invoices to be processed and sent out for billing. “Invoice Details” feature allows inspectors to modify the hours, minutes and outside service costs of the invoice, as well as the Hourly Labor Rate, Tax Rate and Handling Fee Rate.

3) To manage equipment,  the “BarCode” tab allows inspectors to modify the equipment that was inspected. This is useful for setting equipment status to ‘Beyond Repair.' There is also ability to set a repair time frame for equipment to help determine turnaround time of repairs.

4) “Payment Due” is used to determine which invoices have not been paid over a time frame. It has multiple search parameters to chose from and, once searched, will return the invoices that have not been paid over that time frame and combination of parameters. There is also a function of “Payment Due Report by Vendor” which displays the Invoices on which payments are due. These records are sorted by Vendor and can be searched by a Vendor as well.

5) Further, a manager can set up payment options, record invoices as being "paid" (and recording payment details). There are also various fee rates, labor rates and sales tax rates configured within the Inspection Management System to accurately invoice and tax vendors based on the reports generated.


Hardware and Software Overview:

Hardware: Panasonic Toughbook Mobile

Database Server: MySQL

Software: WOW Enterprise Edition 7.0




Products Used: 
WOW Enterprise

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