Case Studies

Flowserve Corporation

PlanetJ works with Flowserve's Flow Solutions Division to create a Web-based application for suppliers and buyers to access and manage purchase orders.

Analytical Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Developers at AHCS, utilizing PlanetJ's Web Object Wizard, create a secure Web site allowing nurses and physicians to obtain immediate patient immunization data all from a browser interface.

Essex Technology Group

WOW provides Essex Technology's Customers Web access in a secure environment. Within four days of receiving the Excel files from Essex, PlanetJ Corporation built an IBM contract tracking, self-service application.

Paiges Music

PlanetJ works with Solution Serve, LLC and Paige's managers to build a user-friendly Web-based application for students and parents to handle rental purchases.

Daffron & Associates, Inc.

Daffron uses PlanetJ's Web Object Wizard (WOW) as the framework for much of their iXp suites of utility focused applications.

Featured Product

WOW CE provides a free powerful product to build state of the art web applications.

Government Data Solutions

Government agencies are at the center of a rapidly changing world. The growth of the Internet coupled with growing information needs for government...


What Can You Do With WOW?

  • Data Inquiry
  • Data Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards/Graphics
  • Customer Self Service
  • Business to Business
  • Government Data Solutions
  • Many other types of applications