Kampgrounds of America (KOA)

For more than 50 years, KOA has provided millions of campers with fun, memorable adventures. All of their more than 485 locations across North America continue to be special places designed for the ways everyone loves to camp. KOA offers a variety of fantastic amenities and accommodations allowing a rustic, outdoor experience or a full resort feel. Coupled with a hard working, knowledgeable staff, KOA guarantees satisfaction for all of their guests.


Business Challenges

Connecting the Kampground’s executives with data necessary to gauge how well 485 locations were performing was necessary to understand where site support was needed. Developers required a graphical snapshot of their site data presented to management. While this was the primary reason KOA was shopping for web development tools; this wasn’t the only need; however. The evaluation criteria and solution seen with WOW included:

  • Corporate level dashboards. Using WOW, KOA would be able to aggregate information from their proprietary campground management software to provide quick snapshots of key indicators of the business. With the ability to start at a macro level and quickly drill down to a campground level, they’ve been able to identify several campgrounds that needed attention due to drastic changes in these indicators.
  • The second need was allowing third party vendors to access their mailing lists. KOA is very proactive in its marketing efforts. They have several vendors that handle email and mail campaigns for them. WOW has allowed a way to tightly control who has access to mailing lists while still allowing vendors to self-serve their needs.
  • The third need was for a mobile solution to their proprietary software. With WOW’s integrated ability to update the database via a mobile solution, they’ve been able to provide a subset of very powerful tools to the campground owners and managers.

On evaluation, Kyle Brucker (aKOA developer) stated, “We don’t currently have any WEB developers. We do have SQL experts and WOW has allowed us to very quickly provide solutions that would have taken us much longer to deliver than would have been practical.”


Dashboards to show key indicators to identify general financial and operational health at a campground level.

KOA Mobile Application

It is used by individual campgrounds to get a quick snapshot of who is on the campground, who is coming to the campground and who is leaving the campground today. They can also dig in to see information about individual guests. Users can log-on from their mobile device to specifically gain access to information about their campsite:

They can then drill into the onsite/arrivals/departures to gain information on the campers.

And even further drill into each individual camper by clicking on the hyperlinked “Name” to get all details surrounding them.

Development Process and Experiences

Two of KOAs staff attended a webinar and training provided by PlanetJ. Brucker states “We were extremely impressed with how much great information was covered in the online training. Our training coupled with the online documentation has made development extremely easy to implement. In the rare cases where we haven’t been able to figure out a solution, we’ve found the WOW technical support team to be extremely responsive and helpful!”

Benefits to organization

KOA staff feels they have undoubtedly saved thousands of dollars by not having to hire dedicated web developers to meet our needs for data harvesting and presentation of key indicators for our executive staff.

  • Hardware : IBM iSeries v7r2
  • Database Server: DB2
  • Software: KampSight ®, WOW Enterprise Ed 7.1, WOWFusion Charts, WOW Mobile Server


With the purchase of just a couple of tools and about 16 hours of education, KOA has been able to solve numerous business problems while keeping development 100% in house!

Products Used: 
WOW Enterprise
Product Add-ons Used: 
Wow Fusion Charts
Wow Mobile Server
Customer Testimonial: 

“WOW is an extremely powerful tool that I highly recommend for anyone who would like to present very professional looking, highly functional, and easily accessible solutions on the web. We have saved countless hours and money by allowing our database experts very to very quickly transform many of our ad hoc queries into self-service web pages via WOW." 


"With the help of WOW, we’ve been able to identify several of our franchisees that were struggling and needed more personalized attention from our home office staff. It’s safe to say that we may not have noticed these trouble spots without the development of the very powerful dashboards we’ve been able to develop with WOW. We’re excited to continue our development in WOW to create even more powerful tools!”

Kyle Brucker (aKOA developer)

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What Can You Do With WOW?

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  • Business Intelligence
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  • Customer Self Service
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