Citizens Security Life Insurance Co.

Citizens Security Life Insurance Company offers final expense life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, home service life insurance, preneed life insurance and other health and accident insurance.


Citizens Security Life initially purchased WOW to build a web based application to allow agents in the field to view their commission statements and productivity reports. The application was further enhanced to allow the controlling agents to view summaries of all agents reporting to them and to be able to drill-down to the agent's details. While developers at Citizens Security had expertise in RPG and SQL, they had limited expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PlanetJ's WOW product appeared to be a good fit.


Data was prepared using existing DB/400 files and creating some new files. Several join logical files were created to allow the data to be viewed by the controlling agent as well as the writing agent. PlanetJ provided initial training and development on the first project was started - commissions statements. As stated by David Grant, Consultant to Citizens Security Life, "The speed of developing a prototype was amazingly fast. We did bog down a little with putting the final touches on the project, but this was just a learning curve of becoming familiar with the development tool."

Hardware and Software Overview

  • Hardware: IBM iSeries Model 810
  • Database Server: DB/400
  • Software: OS/400 V5R4


Several "hard-copy" reports have been eliminated saving the cost of printing them and mailing them to the agents. An agent voice response system (where the agent called in to get the amount of his commission check) has been eliminated. Putting production information in the hands of the writing agent and the controlling agent has allowed them to better manage their business.


Products Used: 
WOW Enterprise
Customer Testimonial: 

"We are very pleased with the product; it has more than paid for itself." Future applications will involve inputting data from the agents and "in-house" applications for the corporate employees."

David Grant

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